Legalización de Documentos de una Empresa

Legalización de Documentos de una Empresa

¿Cómo legalizar los Documentos de una Empresa?

Para la Legalización de Documentos de una Empresa, es necesario que la documentación de una empresa esté autenticada por el Departamento de Estado del Estado que emitió los documentos y por el Departamento de Estado Federal.

El documento debe estar traducido al español y certificado por un Notario Público.

En Tramison podemos gestionar estos pasos por usted. Existe la posibilidad de que ya haya obtenido la traducción certificada o que pueda legalizar el documento en el Estado donde resida; en ese caso, el trámite continúa a partir de los pasos que ya haya vencido.

Los documentos emitidos en los Estados Unidos deben ser originales o copias fieles de los originales, debidamente firmados, para que puedan ser procesados ante el Consulado cubano, legalizados ante el Cónsul General y puedan surtir efecto legal en Cuba.

Público objetivo

Para persona o entidad con intención de realizar trabajos en Cuba

Precio del trámite

Los costos varían en función de la complejidad de la legalización. Contáctenos y le ofreceremos un presupuesto a su medida.

Tiempo del trámite

De 30 a 40 días hábiles, una vez recibida toda la documentación en nuestra oficina.

¿Qué documentos se requieren?

Para completar la solicitud del trámite, debe enviarnos la siguiente documentación:
Una vez recibidos los documentos a legalizar en nuestra oficina, se tramita ante el Consulado Cubano en un período de 24 horas. En cada etapa, Tramison le mantendrá informado vía correo electrónico sobre el estado de su trámite.

Cuando este haya finalizado y su documentación esté lista, usted recibirá una notificación por correo electrónico o por mensaje de texto. Le enviaremos los documentos en un sobre a través de FEDEX con un número de tracking, así usted podrá seguir el recorrido del envío hasta su destino final.

¿Por qué solicitar una Legalización con nuestra Agencia?

¿Por qué regresan nuestros clientes?

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Pablo PerezPablo Perez
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Wonderful Service
Roberto MadrigalRoberto Madrigal
18:37 20 Apr 24
Excellent service. Reliable and very convenient. Kind, concerned and efficient.
Dariel TorresDariel Torres
20:44 19 Apr 24
Very fast
Katherine LeyvaKatherine Leyva
19:48 19 Apr 24
Wonderful service, I received my passport in a month, I did the entire process online from Michigan and it really was very fast. Thank you
Holtaca ShopHoltaca Shop
16:39 19 Apr 24
It was an amazing experience ever!!!!!
sarahys Brito Hidalgosarahys Brito Hidalgo
17:37 18 Apr 24
Margarita LauzanMargarita Lauzan
13:32 18 Apr 24
Much faster than I expected. In addition, they are constantly informing you of all the steps where your passport goes. The price is worth it. I really positively suggest it.
Jose Carlo CabalesJose Carlo Cabales
03:30 18 Apr 24
A very friendly and efficient group. My passport, despite the short time left until its expiration when I contacted them, the new one arrived in my hands the same day it expired. They really impressed me
20:45 17 Apr 24
Excellent service, I recommend it.
David LealDavid Leal
20:39 17 Apr 24
Very good service, actually, I have used them several times, they are very fast, professional and rely on technology to make the process easier, for example they have It has been a long time since I stopped doing procedures with local agencies in Miami, I prefer do it with this company. They are more efficient and more formal.
Mireya VerdeciaMireya Verdecia
18:45 17 Apr 24
Excelent service
Niurka SottoNiurka Sotto
03:26 17 Apr 24
My experience has been excellent. From beginning to end. Very efficient, thank you for everything, you will be recommended.
Roberto CurbeloRoberto Curbelo
00:31 17 Apr 24
I have a very good experience with this agency, which is why I give it 5 stars. I loved the work they do, very fast, precise, very good communication, generally excellent. Thank you. Keep up the good work. I recomend it to you.
Anaily Perez DortaAnaily Perez Dorta
17:47 16 Apr 24
14:44 16 Apr 24
Very good service
Darianna DomenechDarianna Domenech
22:01 15 Apr 24
22:00 15 Apr 24
Excelent service.!
Ahylin CastilloAhylin Castillo
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Yan CuetoYan Cueto
22:46 10 Apr 24
The truth is that I was very pleased with your services, very good communication at all times and the entire process was super fast, once again thank you very much for everything
Manuel GonzálezManuel González
18:51 10 Apr 24
Isabel BrunoIsabel Bruno
11:01 09 Apr 24
Excellent service.
Nadiesda TorresNadiesda Torres
00:28 09 Apr 24
The process was more than fast, the customer service agents were super friendly and professional.
Kerys PerezKerys Perez
20:30 08 Apr 24
Excellent work, excellent communication, speed, efficiency and quality, I recommend your work 100% safe, thank you very much for everything, God bless you always 🙏
17:11 08 Apr 24
Delighted with your service
Roberto Lopez foncecaRoberto Lopez fonceca
13:59 06 Apr 24
Liset Durán SaldivarLiset Durán Saldivar
17:25 05 Apr 24
Happy, everything super fast
yanmany garciayanmany garcia
22:43 04 Apr 24
Marelis BaroMarelis Baro
01:33 04 Apr 24
I was very pleased with the process, it arrived faster than expected, thank you very much.
yohania Perez Abreuyohania Perez Abreu
00:42 04 Apr 24
Very good service, I recommend it 100%, the staff is very friendly and up to the task. Thank you very much for everything.
Laura ValdesLaura Valdes
00:28 04 Apr 24
Yaimara ToranzoYaimara Toranzo
00:23 04 Apr 24
Excellent service, very fast all procedures
Osmar TorresOsmar Torres
00:21 04 Apr 24
Thank you very much for the very good service
Pedro AtienzaPedro Atienza
00:07 03 Apr 24
I have received excellent service and attention in the process managed by the Agency. Thank you so much
Victoria RodriguezVictoria Rodriguez
17:57 02 Apr 24
Thank you so much,
Very good service and very fast processing.
Yeni GonYeni Gon
14:39 01 Apr 24
Very good service
Ordanis DespaigneOrdanis Despaigne
15:57 28 Mar 24
Very good service, thank you greetings
Jenry HernandezJenry Hernandez
09:51 27 Mar 24
Good service, good theater and the process is very fast
Raidel RojasRaidel Rojas
18:53 25 Mar 24
Julio De ArmasJulio De Armas
13:18 24 Mar 24
Excellent work, thank you very much
Anaisa Díaz alarconAnaisa Díaz alarcon
01:30 24 Mar 24
Excellent quality and speed
Yodalis Ali FernandezYodalis Ali Fernandez
17:23 23 Mar 24
Very good professionals, patient and dedicated, very friendly staff, they keep you up to date with the entire process, it was very simple and fast, I really recommend them, I have been with them for years and I won't leave.
merlin Oriamerlin Oria
09:17 23 Mar 24
Sunem HolderSunem Holder
20:38 21 Mar 24
After 33 years of never having returned to Cuba, it was my first time doing the process of a new passport, it took 7 months, but I was satisfied with the service, and the very professional treatment.
Rey GarciaRey Garcia
19:00 21 Mar 24
All very good. Thank you very much
Leduan Mursuli SierraLeduan Mursuli Sierra
18:01 21 Mar 24
Excellent work all on time, thank you
yanisbel oliverayanisbel olivera
18:16 20 Mar 24
Super fast and very good service
Yudelkis OshunYudelkis Oshun
21:03 19 Mar 24
Hello, good afternoon, more than grateful for your work, very good team, super nice, all the hard-working people took great care of me, I live in Miami and I decided for the first time to do the procedures and everything went great from my own home, I did it all, thank you very much for your help blessings and everything very fast 🫶🫶
Yadira Torres urquizaYadira Torres urquiza
18:42 19 Mar 24
Super satisfied, 100% recommended.
Yanier salvio MontoyaYanier salvio Montoya
23:04 18 Mar 24
Without a doubt the best service in the entire country in all aspects. Kindness, seriousness, commitment and very efficient. The truth is that I am super grateful for your services.
Yadira García MarreroYadira García Marrero
22:49 18 Mar 24
They are very good professionals, it took me a reasonable time of a month and a half, their sheets have good quality, so I recommend that you make your Cuban passports with them 100%
My experience was characterized by receiving good service with respect, education, preparation, professionalism and speed in the process.
osmany gamez diazosmany gamez diaz
12:49 17 Mar 24
Gustavo RivasGustavo Rivas
18:54 16 Mar 24
This place is great, customer service excellent, fast turnaround of the items needed,Renier told me a month and half and just in time for my plans passport arrived, definitely recommend tis business
Angela PantaleonAngela Pantaleon
22:53 15 Mar 24
Thanks for the support.
Nor CubaNor Cuba
16:09 15 Mar 24
I am very grateful and pleased with your office for the speed they have processed my passport, many blessings to the entire team for their excellent 👌 work.
Very grateful for her service, seriousness and immediacy, I would not hesitate to recommend her work to family and friends.
luz de lunaluz de luna
21:26 14 Mar 24
Very safe and fast passport processing, the person who assisted me was very patient and professional, they told me via email how my procedure was going, and then when I was close, upon arriving they sent me to track my document, in this case, my passport, I am very happy and pleased.Thank you so much.
04:19 14 Mar 24
Super recommended, excellent attention, fast service, I was extremely satisfied. I carried out my procedure from my home and from the first moment they were in contact with me to help me complete the steps.
Dailin Menendez valdesDailin Menendez valdes
01:42 12 Mar 24
Very good service, I recommend them to everyone, fast and very safe.
Eliany Bermudez PerezEliany Bermudez Perez
23:09 08 Mar 24
My experience was wonderful, very good service, everything was very fast, they kept me up to date with any information via email, I recommend it 🙌🙌🙌
Excellence in the process, very pleased, it was very punctual, easy and accurate, thank you very much
Ivett Mejias JiménezIvett Mejias Jiménez
00:12 07 Mar 24
Totally reliable!!!
Rolando FernandezRolando Fernandez
21:32 06 Mar 24
Excellent 👌 it took 2 months
Aldo HernandezAldo Hernandez
06:22 06 Mar 24
Awesome !!! Thanks !
Vanessa RodriguezVanessa Rodriguez
20:53 31 Jan 24
Excellent service! I recommend it.
Roberto FonsecaRoberto Fonseca
20:35 31 Jan 24
Excellent service. The agency that processes passports the fastest and places them in the client's hands. Super recommended.
Ruben LamazaresRuben Lamazares
20:29 31 Jan 24
Excellent work, very compliant and fast, 100% recommended, a thousand thanks to the Distric Cuba team.
Yaneysi LoresYaneysi Lores
18:00 31 Jan 24
Hello, I am pleased to leave my opinion on the magnificent service, 100% reliability, everything done online, and delivery at the door of your house, faster than I thought, more than recommended, thank you very much….
Gianna KarlaGianna Karla
01:55 30 Jan 24
Excellent service, in 1 and a half months I received my passport. Good communication with the client, informing each step of the process.One hundred percent recommended!
michael duboismichael dubois
01:22 30 Jan 24
Outstanding customer service and attention to details. Smooth transaction, and kept us updated, good communication. Exceeded our expectations! We will recommend them to all our family and friends.
It has been a good experience, since in approximately a month I received the new passport and although at first it took me a little work, the photo turned out very well in the new passport. Thank you very much for your work, I recommend it to others for the future.
Wonderful to have had you so quickly and attentively, I loved it.
Luis G RamosLuis G Ramos
17:58 26 Jan 24
Very satisfied with your work. With good communication, seriousness, speed.
Lissette SueirasLissette Sueiras
17:46 26 Jan 24
I received the passport faster than I thought, I requested it in mid-December 2023 and it arrived on January 26. Very satisfied with the attention and communication with the staff.
Ania DolezalAnia Dolezal
20:20 18 Jan 24
Graciela EspinosaGraciela Espinosa
20:40 15 Jan 24
Super very good attention from homeWith its convenience, excellent service, in less than a month and a half I received my passport. I recommend it 100%. I tell you this from my own experience. Most agencies do not offer guarantees.
Sarah ShahakSarah Shahak
18:44 13 Jan 24
I am grateful, the delivery was fast and the service was good. Thank you so much . I recommend it
Efficient and expedient! Receive visa within a week from time of application to delivery.
Julia MorenoJulia Moreno
18:39 04 Jan 24
Excellent, I congratulate you for your work, many blessings.
Dioelis BlancoDioelis Blanco
19:30 29 Dec 23
Special and very fast process, thank you
Abel RosabalAbel Rosabal
09:44 29 Dec 23
Suzana RamirezSuzana Ramirez
19:17 28 Dec 23
Adrian ValdiviaAdrian Valdivia
18:53 28 Dec 23
Excellent service and on time
Alberto MestasAlberto Mestas
22:04 22 Dec 23
Thank you so much. Very good service, both from Mr. Yandro Hidalgo and Mr. Reinier Bermudez. Recommendable. Merry Christmas and excellent year 2024.
Lismanis ArtilesLismanis Artiles
23:11 21 Dec 23
Excellent thank you very much
Yulier milanesYulier milanes
17:15 20 Dec 23
Hello, very grateful for your work, you are very kind. God bless you.
Leaned SilbertoLeaned Silberto
21:16 16 Dec 23
Super grateful, good and fast processThanks 🙂
Chiki Roxy DiazChiki Roxy Diaz
00:30 16 Dec 23
I am very satisfied with your good work. All my identity is fine and it arrived earlier than agreed. I recommend them with complete confidence. They have very good customer service. Thank you
A very good experience, very professional people.
17:21 15 Dec 23
Elianne OsesElianne Oses
18:49 14 Dec 23
Super spectacular, excellent treatment and it arrives super fast. I got a new passport and it only took a month and I was a little super happy.
Yuliet GonzalezYuliet Gonzalez
03:25 14 Dec 23
Loraine CapoteLoraine Capote
19:26 13 Dec 23
Excellent service, grateful
In terms of procedures without a doubt. (TRAMISON) THE BEST AND MOST COMPLETE excellent. Very professional person, they delivered my Passport to me in 35 days for my record, congratulations
Lisvany LuqueLisvany Luque
08:15 12 Dec 23
The attention and professionalism with which they work is incredible. You are constantly informed of the process. Of your procedure. I recommend it
Rosa LeyvaglezRosa Leyvaglez
21:40 11 Dec 23
excellent service
Yakelin AlvarezYakelin Alvarez
17:28 09 Dec 23
Excellent service highly recommended
Osmany RodriguezOsmany Rodriguez
21:13 08 Dec 23
Highly recommended… very clear and fast in the process, they warned me of an estimated time of 3 months and I received the passport in a month and a half. Very professional and excellent communication. Blessings.
Natalie M FuentesNatalie M Fuentes
18:29 08 Dec 23
For me they are the best. The process is fast and secure. 100% Guaranteed. Thank you for your efficiency.
Marcia AlvarezMarcia Alvarez
20:56 07 Dec 23
The truth is that I have no complaints about how they work, everything is perfect, from when I made the application until today in the delivery, they kept me informed all the time of how the processing of my passport was going, they urged any Cuban what they have to do do it for a new passport for this Company, the staff is very attentive and very reliable, they wished you a nice Christmas and a prosperous new year. And if I had to do a procedure again I would choose you again, Regards Marcia
Disneri HernandezDisneri Hernandez
20:37 07 Dec 23
Very good
Rainel NaranjoRainel Naranjo
20:17 07 Dec 23
Super fast and confident 1 month and 15 days less than estimated
Yamile PalenzuelaYamile Palenzuela
01:06 07 Dec 23
Very pleased with the service
sisay bogalesisay bogale
17:25 06 Dec 23
I have witnessed professionalism and the Visa was delivered precisely on time as was promised I'm grateful for that
Rigoberto PadrónRigoberto Padrón
05:41 06 Dec 23
Speed, efficiency and quality
Ibrahim ValdésIbrahim Valdés
20:12 02 Dec 23
It was a quick process and I thank Tramison for everything, totally grateful 10 ten years we will meet again yes greetings
Carmen HernandezCarmen Hernandez
22:43 01 Dec 23
Very good .
Grim PérezGrim Pérez
20:58 01 Dec 23
100% secure and very attentive while waiting for your documents since they let you know how your process is going
erianny diaz monteroerianny diaz montero
20:18 01 Dec 23
rosa vega contrerasrosa vega contreras
19:31 01 Dec 23
Many thanks to Tramison Online, for having delivered my passport
Orlando Méndez sosaOrlando Méndez sosa
22:02 30 Nov 23
Very good service to be honest, what I like most is that they follow up on the process and support you. Aware of everything. Really thank you for everything.
Gu A PeGu A Pe
20:37 30 Nov 23
Angela HerreraAngela Herrera
02:42 30 Nov 23
Thank you very much, we are very grateful for the excellent service you offered us, we would trust you again.
Mercy SantosMercy Santos
21:38 29 Nov 23
Thank you very much, good service with quality and speed, very happy and grateful. Thank you.
Andro Perez AguilaAndro Perez Aguila
19:53 29 Nov 23
I'm going to do a review because it really matters, I had my new passport made, that is, a complete renewal, I did it all online and it arrived in a month, just to say Wow, they work well and quickly. This is not the first time I have done procedures with you, thank you very much and congratulations for your work.
Ariadna GaitanAriadna Gaitan
13:17 27 Nov 23
My Cuban passport arrived earlier than expected and in very good condition, the team is fantastic and attentive, they are always up to date with updates to your procedures. I loved the service.
Liane AmorinLiane Amorin
17:42 25 Nov 23
Excellent service in everything I am very happy
Jayyoa LeonJayyoa Leon
18:44 24 Nov 23
Thank you for your dedication and service, God bless you 🙏🏼
Cecilio RodriguezCecilio Rodriguez
15:23 23 Nov 23
Excellent service
Kevin RodríguezKevin Rodríguez
03:00 21 Nov 23
Very good work and my passport arrived quickly
Yamile MartinezYamile Martinez
02:27 20 Nov 23
Completely pleased!! Excellent treatment, I recommend them 100%
Ariel Arias ayalaAriel Arias ayala
01:56 18 Nov 23
Very good service and professionalism
Francisco ZabarteFrancisco Zabarte
01:02 18 Nov 23
Osmany PerezOsmany Perez
00:37 18 Nov 23
Very grateful for your procedures, very good service and customer service. Thank you
Niridamys LeonNiridamys Leon
23:15 17 Nov 23
Very good attention 😊
analloza Casbozaanalloza Casboza
06:01 17 Nov 23
Excellent service, super professional and very fast, highly recommended....
Darling CendanDarling Cendan
03:52 17 Nov 23
Very satisfied with their services, I recommend them 100, thank you 🙂 excellent work
Ania AlmaguelAnia Almaguel
20:46 16 Nov 23
Excellent experience . My passport ready in less than six weeks. Very professional treatment. They keep you up to date with your procedure constantly. 100% recommended
Yaquelin Diaz MolinaYaquelin Diaz Molina
18:19 16 Nov 23
Very good service, it was very fast, I am super happy
Yenisbey AguilarYenisbey Aguilar
04:28 16 Nov 23
Jorge RodriguezJorge Rodriguez
19:34 15 Nov 23
Excellent treatment and very good service, I recommend it 100%. Thank you for your good service. Your service is super excellent. Thank you for being there for everyone. Very punctual delivery too. Grateful for all your help and making the procedures so easy. Blessings
My congratulations to the Tramison team. Very professional. I received feedback throughout the process and the request arrived before the designated time. Thank you. Very satisfied with the management carried out. I recommend them.
Senia PerezSenia Perez
21:25 14 Nov 23
My process was very easy and fast, I am very satisfied. Many thanks to the very professional Tramison agents.
Michel FerreresMichel Ferreres
18:22 13 Nov 23
All perfect
Juan Carlos DiazJuan Carlos Diaz
02:08 11 Nov 23
Everything is very clear and fast, except that my wife and I process the passports together and I only have mine, can you tell me when my wife receives hers, thank you very much
Adys Doval TorresAdys Doval Torres
01:35 11 Nov 23
A service of excellence 100% recommended
Luis EnriqueLuis Enrique
21:56 10 Nov 23
Excellent service, Excellent attention and speed, thank you very much, greetings
Janny SanchezJanny Sanchez
20:41 10 Nov 23
Super excellent costumer service, super fast processing, my process only took 1 month, economical and very professional. I really liked their constant communication about my process. Very, very happy and grateful.
Fan XiaoFan Xiao
18:51 10 Nov 23
Better to have English versions.
Cuenta DailynCuenta Dailyn
14:56 09 Nov 23
Excellent service, very grateful
Leodanis MartínezLeodanis Martínez
19:52 07 Nov 23
Excellent service in general… fast, transparent and secure. I would need more stars on Goggle to be able to rate them. 👌🏻💪🏻
Yoslaidis SerranoYoslaidis Serrano
22:07 06 Nov 23
To everyone who sees this message, I would like to say that I feel very satisfied with the service provided by this agency. It complied with everything stated in terms of time, quality and speed in the corresponding processing. I would like to thank the entire work team who was excellent from the beginning and for my part I tell you to always keep it up with the same efficiency and distinction. Greetings.
Glory 2020Glory 2020
18:27 06 Nov 23
Super attentive and all the procedures very fast, I recommend them 100%
Yanet TorresYanet Torres
17:45 06 Nov 23
Wonderful experience with the entire team. They are very friendly and helpful. They help you at all times by clarifying every question you have and are attentive to your procedure until the end. I recommend them 💯%
Mayelin PerezMayelin Perez
19:32 26 Oct 23
Very grateful to you, you are a very loyal and very reliable office, there are already 3 passports that I have done with you and I am very happy with your service and your honesty, 100% recommended. Thank you very much for being grateful for your quality of work.
Alexander MendozaAlexander Mendoza
20:43 23 Oct 23
Thank you for your attention, I was very well attended and very pleased with your services, thank you very much.
Ruben AlmeidaRuben Almeida
20:35 20 Oct 23
Excellent 👌
22:08 18 Oct 23
Very good service and very good treatment. Super pleased, super satisfied I recommend them 100% for me they are the best. Very attentive and very good communication with customers
onix aragononix aragon
20:36 18 Oct 23
Totally grateful and pleased for the good service and the promptness of the process. In less than 2 months I received my new passport.Thank you for the professionalism with which you work.
Confidence and speed, the best always informing the status of the procedure. I recommend them with my eyes closed. In a month and 15 days they were ready.
Adrian PerezAdrian Perez
19:23 18 Oct 23
Excellent work, fast communication and services.
Gloria RoqueGloria Roque
19:06 18 Oct 23
Very good job, they always kept me informed about my procedure
Leo MoroLeo Moro
23:12 10 Oct 23
I'm satisfied with your work, it was fast and professional. Thank you.
Osvaldo Martin MontejoOsvaldo Martin Montejo
20:57 05 Oct 23
Great job, fast, professional and secure!!!!I will recommend you !!!!
Roberto FonsecaRoberto Fonseca
02:52 30 Sep 23
Great job!!! I received my document before expected. I highly recommend Tramison for any of your documents need.
Reinel MenaReinel Mena
02:51 30 Sep 23
Maday EnriquezMaday Enriquez
19:31 28 Sep 23
Thank you very much, really excellent work and very fast.
Aimee RodríguezAimee Rodríguez
02:30 28 Sep 23
The best agency, the process is very fast and the staff that assists is excellent. Thank you
Elia MesaElia Mesa
22:03 26 Sep 23
Great customer care, able to work with you all the way,Passport was on time for my trip
Alain Hernandez PadronAlain Hernandez Padron
22:10 21 Sep 23
Very good service so fast and easy 👏 👌
Excellent service!!
JEYDEN OliveraJEYDEN Olivera
18:09 18 Sep 23
Very good work, excellent service, I recommend them 120%
Rolando ArredondoRolando Arredondo
12:59 18 Sep 23
An agency with professionalism, promptness and kindness. Thank you very much.
Guadalupe DocampoGuadalupe Docampo
10:47 15 Sep 23
good service, very friendly
Rosaida MatosRosaida Matos
15:54 10 Sep 23
Wonderful, 5 stars for you, and the agents are very professional, delighted with their service.
Rafael Marcheco TorresRafael Marcheco Torres
00:05 10 Sep 23
Spectacular service, I recommend them 100%, responsible, kind and very serious about their work, they exceeded my expectations but by far, the procedures I have done with them have been super fast and they keep you informed at all times what stage it is at. Thanks a lot. Greetings
Ayleen HernandezAyleen Hernandez
15:24 09 Sep 23
I am super grateful for such efficient services from your agency, I give you a 💯!
Geisy BelloGeisy Bello
14:13 09 Sep 23
Very grateful with the procedure that they did to me thank you
Alejandro GonzálezAlejandro González
23:21 08 Sep 23
Excellent work. A pleasure to carry out procedures with you. Very reliable and friendly, they always meet the agreed deadline. Very satisfied. 100% recommended.